Ekkiden moves to the next level 
This rebranding is an important step : it comes 3 years after Ekkiden’s creation, at a time when we must accompany our maturity with more than 200 people in 4 countries. This new branding is there to help Ekkiden grow and will be an essential part of our identity. 
Here are the elements that make up and explain the chosen direction : 
• Ekiden is a sport, a sport with values. And we’re going to show the codes of sport in this brand image 
• We’re also going to use the colors to convey the notion of adventure, an elegant and smart side, and a sense of depth. 
• We want the brand to be very lifestyle, to be a brand that people want to wear, that shows off and that is not only representing a consulting firm. We wanted a brand that was in tune with the times, modern, inclusive, urban.
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